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Softball Equipment

As a former player and current coach, I noticed a huge discrepancy within our game. If you take a look at the demographics for travel softball teams, you will find one, maybe two, token Black girls on each team. I, myself, was one of those token Black girls growing up. Time and time again, I would see young girls that look like me quitting softball because they did not believe this sport was for them or they did not feel comfortable with being the only one. "I think when you're around people that look like you, it builds your confidence even more. I believe in a sport like softball, where you're told (and shown) this isn't your sport, it's an important factor to have." Studies show that children excel when they have a sense of belonging.     







I believe it is crucial for young girls to have role models who look like them and to have someone who has been through what they are currently going through. Someone who can relate to their insecurities and the pressures of having to be a strong black woman. My goal is to create a safe haven for black and brown girls trying to navigate being a minority in the sport they fell in love with. As leaders of the next generation, it is essential to spread knowledge and facilitate a helping hand that pours into our own communities. This is an opportunity that is well overdue, for both the players and the coaches, and I truly believe our time is now. Sports can create numerous opportunities, as well as, open doors for so many young girls! My goal is to create advancement to higher education through athletic development, while still having fun, competing at the highest level and creating a family.

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